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Automatic Fall Detection

Automatic Fall Detection

How It Works

Our automatic fall detection pendant is designed to detect falls through its unique ability to accurately distinguish between a wearer's normal everyday actions such as sitting or lying down, and the sudden drop that accompanies an uncontrolled fall. At 2.3-by-1.65-by-0.75 inches, it is one of the smallest and most lightweight fall detection pendants on the market and features an estimated battery lifespan of at least two years.

The automatic fall detection pendant can summon help in one of two ways. First, like a traditional press pendant, just hit the button in the case of an emergency. The pendant will immediately send a signal to the base unit and contact an emergency operator. 

Automatic Fall Detection PendantSecond, the fall detection pendant is designed to detect and report most falls automatically. If the fall sensor feels a sudden impact with enough force and lays motionless for 50 seconds, the pendant will send the system a signal to contact help just like pushing the pendant does. To ensure maximum safety, wear the pendant on the outside of any clothing.

Why The Delay?

We found that giving a 50-second window minimizes the number of false alarms our customers incur. If you are able to move before reaching the 50-second mark, press the pendant’s button for immediate help.

How Do I Know It's Working?

As soon as the 50-second window is eclipsed a series of beeps will sound from the unit. After between 10-30 seconds the beeps will become less frequent, which means the emergency call has been placed successfully. An operator will come on over the two-way voice communicator shortly.

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